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Glass Dyenamics Making ‘Smart Glass’ Technology Available to Homeowners


Glass Dyenamics Making ‘Smart Glass’ Technology Available to Homeowners

photo Glass Dyenamics | Glass Dyenamics Making ‘Smart Glass’ Technology Available to Homeowners

Arizona-headquartered Glass Dyenamics announced that it has installed self-darkening and undarkening windows on a home, marking the first time such sophisticated technology has been applied for residential uses. 

Glass Dyenamics, in collaboration with the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), announces the first residential installation of advanced dynamic glass technology, which is glass that tints and untints upon application of an electric charge. The installation demonstrates fundamental materials science innovation, which has resulted in vastly simplified product manufacturing and consumer affordability.

A recent study by the NREL and Berkeley Lab indicates that the adoption of dynamic windows in residential applications can avoid 78 million metric tons of CO² emissions annually by 2030. The report stated that this is equivalent to 9.4 million homes’ energy use for an entire year or representing over $19 billion in utility bill savings.

It was explained that the tint of electrochromic windows can be controlled on demand through an electric signal. The window can become darker to keep sunlight out and clear to provide better views, illumination, and passive solar heat gain. This dynamic control allows EC windows to provide substantial energy savings.

Christopher Angelo, chief executive officer of Glass Dyenamics, said: federal legislation such as the Dynamic Glass Act of 2021 and smart home wiring trends have made him optimistic about the potential for widespread adoption of dynamic glass throughout the country. Other dynamic glass companies have prioritized the commercial building market because the technology’s high cost has put it beyond the reach of many residential users. Glass Dyenamics’ ability to offer affordable dynamic glass represents an enormous opportunity for climate impact.

We're pleased to have partnered with Glass Dyenamics to introduce a new residential home technology intended to enhance energy efficiency while also strengthening energy equity and inclusion in the fight against climate change. This also represents an exciting opportunity for us to support the development of domestic clean energy manufacturing and employment – said Ram Narayanamurthy, the Emerging Technologies Program Manager for the U.S. Department of Energy's Building Technologies Office at the United States Department of Energy says.

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