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Roto Window and Door Technology: Decision not to attend Fensterbau Frontale 2022 in July


Marcus Sander, CEO of Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie GmbH, explains why Roto has decided not to attend “FensterbauFrontale” in July.

photo ROTO | Marcus Sander, CEO of Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie GmbH, explains why Roto has decided not to attend “FensterbauFrontale” in July.

Having a close connection with customers – in times of the coronavirus pandemic, companies are constantly having to reconsider how they can live up to this claim in a responsible manner. 

Marcus Sander, CEO of Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie GmbH (FTT), announced a company decision that he “also personally found difficultto take”, in his own words. Despite preparations already having reached an advanced stage, Roto FTT will not attend the “FensterbauFrontale” 2022 trade fair, which has been postponed to July. 

Less commitments for a trade show in July

After the alternative date in July chosen by the exhibition company was announced, Roto FTT was unable to secure commitments from national and international customers, Sander informs about the important reason for the decision that has now been made. In the summer months, window and door manufacturers, for example, have to concentrate on fulfilling their orders on time. Presumablythis is why only a smaller number of the trade fair attendees who would otherwise visit Roto FTT are able to make the trip to the exhibition in Nuremberg in July.

At the same time, according to their own statements, many of our customers do not want to plan trips for which they have to travel outside their own country, even in July – Sander continues. – However, ‘FensterbauFrontale’ is an event to which Roto FTT traditionally welcomesand wants to welcome many customers from all over the world. If they are absent from the trade fair, which is perfectly understandable also from an organizational point of view, we will not be able to achieve our clearly defined objectives. 

Alternative concepts for information on Roto focus topics

Roto FTT is currently focusing on providing advice about the trade fair’s key topics of focus to as many customers as possible in a decentralised format. 

Our sales team has already been successful in presenting news and innovations digitally with the ‘Roto City’ since 2020. Soon we will also be able to offer customer visits and hybrid event concepts – believes the CEO.

At the Trade Press Day recently held in November, Sander reported that Roto FTT was preparing for “FensterbauFrontale” in March with optimism and commitment. Butdue to the current occurrence of infection in Germanyand after the exhibition was postponed to July, it had now become necessary to react quickly and decisively to the changed situation.“This has again destroyed all of our hopes, but we have no alternative.” With its awareness of specific customer wishes, Roto will continue to respond with the greatest possible flexibility in future. This is what the entire organisation is designed and trained to do. 

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