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Warema opens new logistics and production centre in Wertheim-Bettingen


CEO Angelique Renkhoff-Mücke cut the ribbon in the presence of mayor Markus Herrera Torrez (left) and architect Jens Geisendörfer.

photo Warema | CEO Angelique Renkhoff-Mücke cut the ribbon in the presence of mayor Markus Herrera Torrez (left) and architect Jens Geisendörfer.

More space, a favourable location, a focus on industry 4.0 and sustainability: Warema’s new logistics and production centre in Wertheim-Bettingen was inaugurated on July 2021. The sun shading company based in Marktheidenfeld opened its new centre to stay abreast of growing capacity requirements and constant corporate growth. The new location at Almosenberg will also create 300 jobs.

Built on a site spanning 63,500 m² and very close to the motorway, the centre allows Warema to optimise delivery times while adding the extra production space it requires. The usable space (more than 31,000 m²) has been divided into dispatch and production areas. Logistics takes up most of the space with approximately 19,100 m². 34 charging stations and 48 lorry parking spaces create the perfect conditions for dispatch handling. The remaining 11,000 m² serves as additional production space for mechanical metal processing and powder coating.

Environmental protection and energy efficiency in line with the latest standards

Sustainability and optimal environmental compatibility were taken into account from the moment planning began. An ecological building support team was tasked with finding suitable compensation areas for rare plants and animals. The construction process focused mainly on the building itself: The entire outer shell was built to be compliant with the KfW efficiency house 55 standard. Around 2,000 solar panels on the roof cover 80% of the electricity required for a normal working day. Additional energy is saved via ventilation systems, air compressors with heat recovery, and a combined heat and power plant for process electricity and process heat.

Digital transformation central to structuring work

Optimised work processes played an important role in the planning phase. Manual logistics operations are minimised and 12 driverless transport systems use laser and magnet navigation to help boost the digitalisation of work processes. Key production areas have also been automated and digitalised by introducing software and ergonomic concepts and by linking work sequences and state-of-the-art plant technology. By relocating and expanding its logistics centre in Wertheim-Bettingen and adding more production facilities, Warema has created 300 jobs close to its headquarters. 

Angelique Renkhoff-Mücke, Warema's CEO, explains the benefits of the new centre: The Wertheim-Bettingen site is our ideal solution – it has allowed us to boost our dispatch and production capacity and respond to increased demand from our partners and customers.

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