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Master Italy introduces Easy Pivot, the design hinges for pivot windows


Master Italy introduces Easy Pivot, the design hinges for pivot windows

photo MASTER ITALY | Master Italy introduces Easy Pivot, the design hinges for pivot windows

Pivot windows are a practical and versatile solution for creating locking systems with compact size, suitable for limited spaces, that ensure good lighting and effective ventilation. 

The pivot window is an architectural solution increasingly used all over the world, and Master Italy answers to this demand by introducing Easy Pivot. This is a complete system that consists of hinges, fixing kits, perimeter locking systems, and additional locking systems.

The modern design, with clean and minimalist lines, and the highly versatile use of the hinges, are the main strengths of Easy Pivot, and also the fact that the axis of the sash rotates in the centre of the window frame. Actually, the system is available with both horizontal axis, with a load-bearing capacity up to 120 kg, and vertical axis, with a load-bearing capacity of 80 Kg.


The horizontal-axis version of Easy Pivot features a 3-position locking system, at 25°, at 45°, and, finally, at 170°.  This systems allows the window sash to rotate completely and absolutely safely, to facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the window frame.

The perimeter locking kits guarantee utmost security and allow the window frame to achieve and maintain high thermal and tightness performance. The additional locking kits are specifically designed to suit vertical versions up to 1.80 metres high, and horizontal versions up to 2.5 metres wide. All Easy Pivot hinges have adjustable friction, and are adjustable in height, with a calibration range of +/- 1.5 mm, to easily align the window sash without having to disassemble the window.

We are bringing to the pivot window market a solution that is virtually universal – says the engineer Lorenzo Lafronza, Chief Technical and Marketing Officer of Master Italy. – The Easy Pivot system can be installed on both Eurogroove profiles and R Systems, and is immediately available in all finishes, including the special ones. The modularity of Easy Pivot is due to the perimeter locking kits and the additional locking systems, and it guarantees manufacturers of windows around the world high performance and great versatility.

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