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Data: 2023-05-12
Deciding on the right doors and windows for your home is a difficult decision on many levels. ???? Now is your chance to test and see them for yourself! Will it be easier to make this decision in person? See for yourself!

Visit our Authorised Company Showroom in Jaworzno, the Kris-Bud company, which is freshly rebranded, so it's the perfect opportunity to choose your window on the world and cross the threshold of your dream home door. ????

You no longer need to look online for inspiration, you'll see what our products look like in real life and try them out to see how they perform for the everyday user. Experts will advise you on the best solutions for your home and show you how to increase its functionality and comfort with modern windows and doors.

Don't wait, visit us today and find out that deciding on the key elements for your home doesn't have to be difficult!
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