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Data: 2022-11-15
Autor: Ferrere Sp. z o.o.
Profile wrapping machine PW2 35 W6-PA has been designed to cover two sides of profile profile Surface.Machine is equipped with a double blowing nozzle, primer station and revision UV lamp. With this configuration machine can wrapping, PVC profiles, aluminum profiles, wall panels and window sills . The machine was created for covering with polyurethane hotmelt (PUR) glue, through a slot nozzle with Valco Melton glue tank. This solution allows easily control the amount of glue applied to the foil

Profile type profiles PVC, aluminium, wall panels and windowsill
Foil type: PVC foils, acrylic, aluminium, ABS, HIGH GLOSS, P.P.
Glue type: Polyurethane hotmelt ( PUR ) glue
Machine speed: 10 - 40 m/min
Foil width: 20-350 mm
Profile width: 20-200 mm
Profile height: 125 mm max.
Machine lenght: 6000 mm
Total power: 38 kW
Weight: 2500 kg.
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