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POLVER Sp. z o.o. sp. komandytowa
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Data: 2018-09-24
Autor: Krzysztof Postek
- Simple and safe handling of components up to 180 kg
- Stable construction
- Revolving and tilting mast
- Easy assembly of components
- Ideal for in-house transport and work on the construction site
- Can be easily disassembled and fits in any van
- Very compact and agile
- Fits through standard doors
- Handle is height adjustable
- Lifting system: · can be rotated 360 ° · can be easily removed and used separately on the crane · has a 2-circuit system with
4 suction discs · is very flat and compact · has pressure gauge for vacuum monitoring · vacuum generation by hand pump,
therefore always ready for use (no charging of batteries necessary) · Weight 20 kg
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