Waterjet to Manufacturing Facility


Ellison Bronze recently added a precision waterjet, the OMAX 80X JetMachining® Center, to their manufacturing facility in Falconer, NY. Implementing new waterjet technology will allow Ellison to cut a variety of different materials, in a range of thicknesses, in-house.

Cutting parts in-house with the waterjet has allowed us to improve efficiencies by saving on time and resources.

Says Roger Overend, President and CEO, Ellison Bronze, Inc. 

It is a state-of-the-art machine, and while it does take time to cut a component, it is a lot less time-consuming than outsourcing or machining.

The OMAX 80X takes an eco-friendly approach – using only natural garnet abrasive and water in the cutting process. Ellison has cut up to three inches into a material, but .06” to one-inch cuts are typical. With the OMAX 80X, Ellison can offer the fastest cutting speeds and best precision.

Equipped with A-Jet®, a software-controlled multi-axis cutting head, the OMAX 80X has a cutting range from 0° to 60°. It saves time by cutting components that require no secondary finishing or additional labor.

One process that we’ve developed and are very proud to provide to our customers is creating stainless steel thresholds by cutting half inch stainless steel plate. We use the etching feature to put grooves in and bevel the edges for a satin-smooth finish.

Says Overend.

The waterjet is highly compatible with today’s most popular software programs – allowing Ellison to import from more than 90 different file formats including vector graphics, 3D files, raster graphics, CAD files and more.