HHH Tempering Resources Machinery Expansion: EVA Glass Laminating Furnaces


EVA glass laminating furnaces from Humam Intelligent Machine Company are the latest addition to the HHH Tempering Resources fabrication machinery line.

Glass fabricators looking to add laminating services can expect European design customized to U.S. standards. The furnace’s sound design coupled with total technical and installation support from HHH Tempering was create for dependability and return on investment.

We selected Humam as our laminating furnace partner because of the product’s proven reliability. Humam’s been part of the glass industry for 12 years and has multiple laminating furnaces in operation. We are excited about the additional fabricator needs we can serve with this equipment,” says Mike Synon, President & CEO of HHH Tempering Resources.

The EVA laminating furnace follows HHH Tempering’s recent product line expansion that included comprehensive IG equipment and a glass drilling machine.