Cool is well received – less maintenance work on dark wooden windows


Residence of the German Ambassador in Washington – Oak windows with Zobel ANTI-HEAT.

photo Zobel Chemie GmbH

Residence of the German Ambassador in Washington – Oak windows with Zobel ANTI-HEAT.

Residence of the German Ambassador in Washington – Oak windows with Zobel ANTI-HEAT.

photo Zobel Chemie GmbH

Residence of the German Ambassador in Washington – Oak windows with Zobel ANTI-HEAT.

The ANTI-HEAT concept from Zobel, known for its use in PVC coating, also benefits wood coverings – with heating-reduced colour tones from Zobel, repainting is needed less often than ever.

As a manufacturer of paints for PVC coating, Zobel has a broad range of experience with surface temperature-reduced colour tones. For example, due of the often smaller profile thicknesses the North American market exclusively demands correspondingly equipped colour tones. The concept can also be transferred to coatings on wooden components. For example, reduced surface temperatures can also be realized with the Zobel products Zowo-tec®, coating systems for windows and doors, and [Z] Deco-tec®, coating systems for non-dimensionally stable components.

» How Zobel ANTI-HEAT colour tones work

Apart from UV and the visible spectrum, sunlight also contains IR light which is invisible to the human eye. IR radiation therefore does not affect the colour tone for us. We only perceive it as heat radiation. When IR radiation hits a component, depending on the object it is absorbed and converted into heat. Thus it contributes critically to object heating. The Zobel ANTI-HEAT concept is based on the reflection of IR radiation. Its absorption is prevented and the associated heating is therefore efficiently reduced. Zobel achieves this protection by using special pigment pastes.

» Benefits for the customer

Wood provides very good heat insulation. As wood, on the other hand, is a poor conductor of heat, surface coatings normally heat up quickly and the heat is trapped. With dark colour tones, in particular, values of around 80°C can soon be reached in sunny and low-wind conditions. The backbone of water-based paints and glazes is formed by acrylate and PU polymers, which soften at a mostly very low temperature. This makes them less robust. The softening is often connected with a certain tendency to become adhesive. The coating becomes more prone to dirt. Constantly changing temperatures can also make the coating brittle and contribute to it ageing.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the subject of heating are black and dark-grey, but even dark red colour tones can store a large amount of heat. Zobel ANTI-HEAT colour tones, with their up to 20°C lower surface temperature now offer two significant advantages in that regard.

» Surface temperature-reduced paints make the coating lower maintenance

The surface temperature of covering coatings is reflected in the maintenance intervals. The VFF leaflet HO.01 provides indicative information about this depending on the light, medium and dark colours. While light colour tones are characterised by low surface temperatures, dark colour tones form the opposite end of the temperature scale. The critical thing here is that light coatings often have to be maintained less often than dark ones. This is a big advantage with the Zobel ANTI-HEAT colour tones because they minimise surface heating and allow darker colour tones to be included with the lower maintenance light or medium colour tones.

With the continuing trend for dark colour tones, the Zobel ANTI-HEAT shield helps satisfy the customers' expectations for the desired colour tones to be low-maintenance.

» Protection for wood

Another advantage is the protection of the substrate. At higher temperatures, the resin in the wood becomes fluid. The water content of the wood is also affected, which in extreme cases can lead to cracking. Zobel ANTI-HEAT colour tones reduce the risk of resin leakage as a result of heating and improve the form stability and function of the components.

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