The benefits of coating with Zowo-plast® compared to alternative colouring methods


The one-component, water-based wet coating system has been designed to be used in a single application.

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The one-component, water-based wet coating system has been designed to be used in a single application.

For many years, the trend for PVC windows has moved away from a basic white colour. System providers and large window manufacturers are predominantly responding to the growing demand for colours by expanding their range of film-laminated profiles. However, even this extended range only offers a limited level of individual freedom.

This is why there is growing awareness within the sector of coating applications that overcome this limitation and Zobel is well positioned in this respect thanks to its Zowo-plast® product range. The one-component, water-based wet coating system has been designed to be used in a single application. Zowo-plast® textured coating is particularly popular as it is based on the look of aluminium components. From country to country, Zobel coating experts are seeing different proportions of coating in the colour schemes of PVC profiles. Whereas in North America or the Benelux countries, coating is a standard feature, there is still potential for growth in markets such as Germany.

» Benefits in terms of stockholding and logistics

In terms of film-coated or colourful extruded profiles, the diversity in profile variants and the constantly expanding colour palette ensure increasing demand for storage. Window fitters are faced with the issue of cost effectiveness. How many profile geometries need to have a colour design? Even the costs of logistics in the supply chain are growing in order to have the desired colours available on time for the required profile combinations. Ultimately, this is about meeting the agreed delivery deadlines. In all these aspects, coating scores highly thanks to low capital commitment and high deliverability, as only white profiles need to be kept in stock.

» Benefits in terms of costs and flexibility

Colouring methods, such as lamination and applying colour extrusions, can only be used by large window manufacturers and system providers due to the costly machine technology and complex procedures involved. The situation is different with a coating that can be applied irrespective of the size of the company for a manageable investment. For example, manufacturers who already work in the timber window industry can equally use this technology for PVC coating. Even minimum applications, start-up losses, unusable residual amounts upon order completion or the feasibility of special constructions do not become problems with colour coating.

» A long-lasting, hard-wearing application

In terms of weather resistance, Zowo-plast® excels thanks to its high level of durability, even in extreme climate zones such as Latin America or Siberia. It goes without saying that the durability of the coating has to be measured against tried-and-tested methods of colour application, such as lamination or prefixed aluminium casing. In this respect, two positive factors combine with Zowo-plast®: The polyurethane bonding agent and pigment selection ensure longevity that can be further enhanced by simple maintenance.

» React flexibly

Primarily, it is the diversity of design options that makes coating with Zowo-plast® a recipe for success. Customers, architects and designers benefit from an almost limitless number of options regarding colours and effects. Nothing stands in the way of your dream colour. At the same time, windows can be coated externally, internally or all-round, and as a result, perfectly incorporated into the design of the façade or interior. What is more, window manufacturers benefit in terms of costs and workflow.

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