Adelio Lattuada celebrates its 40th anniversary


Company history starts in Carbonate (province of Como) in 1978.

From the first corners grinding machines’ prototypes to a production that nowadays counts more than 60 different models: the widest range of edging and bevelling machines currently on the market.

40 years to learn, grow, wish...

The red color of the logo is the color that represents this concept: vibrant, passionate, intense. Combined with the institutional green of Lattuada, it evokes the colors of Italianism, a core value on which forty years of experience and ability to evolve have been built.

The lettering developed for the "40" has the same weight of the pictogram, representing the perfect and balanced synergy between time and corporate identity, so strong and solid. The one directly proportional to the other.

Adelio Lattuada: the art of glass grinding