Strategic partnerships and Lattuada novelties


The last edition of Vitrum has been full of novelties. They have participated with a larger area, more machines and presented new options and new partnerships.

Last year they have started a strategic collaboration with the German company Knittel Glass for the supply of Kuka robots. They can now offer new, flexible and customized integration solutions with the following advantages: increasing of automation levels, flexibility, productivity, production optimization and costs reduction.

The solution they presented during the exhibition consisted in the integration of a Kuka Robot with two Lattuada 11-wheels edging machines, one of which was positioned in line with an open top washing machine model OT 2000/500/4S.

Another important partnership is the one with Holonix for the PLM IOT i-Like Machines software. The aim is to collect the machine data in order to check its use both by the manufacturer and the user. Lattuada Industry 4.0 Project

Last but not least, for this key edition we have chosen the catering company Break & Lunch, which every day has offered our visitors fresh products and many delicacies.

Watch the video here.

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