Investment in the future – portal reconstruction at VSG Haldensleben


The laminated safety glass production in Haldensleben and Osterweddingen is to be increased by 12% by the end of 2017. EUROGLAS is thus reacting to the increased demand for laminated safety glass, which also illustrates the growing need of end consumers for greater security.

Many factors play a part in achieving a higher output on the production line. The cycle times or transit times of a pane of glass, for example, are an important point. In addition, there should be only a few downtimes due to machine failures.

The management has already invested last year in extensive renovations in order to reach the desired goals: attention was initially focused on the renewal of the loading portal for the loading and unloading of the glass. The reconstruction took place in April 2016. While that was going on, the employees from Haldensleben worked in five-shift operation in Osterweddingen.

Further structural alterations are planned for 2017. These being intended in particular to improve the quality inspection of the glass. Until now the inspection has been restricted to the precise examination by an employee. That will now change with the installation of a fully automatic inspection system, which will reduce error rates in future and thus ensure greater security in the quality checking.
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