Triple Glazing vs Double Glazing


Scandinavian Windows fit triple glazed units for the same price as double glazed.

photo Scandinavian Windows

Scandinavian Windows fit triple glazed units for the same price as double glazed.

Over time, we are being urged to make the switch from double to triple glazing in the quest to improve the energy performance of our windows. However, many people are still of the opinion that double glazing is the most appropriate option for making their home warmer, safer and quieter.

That isn’t necessarily the case, as homes are being encouraged to shift towards ultra-low-energy windows with a U-value no higher than 0.8 — meaning mere double glazing will no longer be enough!

One of the main barriers preventing people upgrading to triple glazing is the relative cost compared to double glazing, which in most cases is true.

However, Scandinavian Windows, as one of the UK’s most established triple glazing specialists, provide triple glazing for the same price as double glazing.

» Benefits of triple glazed windows

1. Improved heat loss

Triple glazing beats double glazing hands down when it comes to insulating your property from heat loss. Heat and cold conduct in two directions. The heat inside your property is conducted to the outside. Cold external temperatures travel in the opposite direction, transferring to the inside of your property.

Triple glazing, thanks to the addition of a central, third pane, reduces the conduction of temperature in both directions. This means you save money by not having to heat chilly temperatures trying to get into your property or wasting heat which is being conducted outside.

Additinaly, every frame used by Scandinavian Windows has multiple cavities, all of which help with insulation against heat loss.

2. Better noise reduction

Another benefit is that the sound deadening effect of three panes will be greater than that of two panes.

If you have ever updated your single pane windows to double glazing, you will probably remember that immediate difference in terms of sound proofing. Traffic, peoples’ voices or music are more muffled.

For many customers, this is the first benefit they notice. Saving money on your energy bills takes a few weeks to appear; the safety aspect is something you probably won’t tangibly appreciate. But the effect of living in a quieter environment is instantaneous.

3. Greater safety

It's fair to say that three panes of glass will offer more security than two. However, Scandinavian Windows offer an additional bonus with every triple glazing unit as they always use toughened glass for the middle pane.

Many double glazed units are either fitted into current frames or, in the case of brand new frames, have their glass fitted from the outside. Scandinavian Windows don’t do that.

The company fit all of their triple glazed units into their frames from inside of the property. Removing them from outside is impossible.

4. Increased property value

The vast majority of home improvements will add to the value of your property. A new kitchen or bathroom will certainly boost things, but so will fitting triple glazing.

Any potential new owners will see triple glazed windows as a huge benefit when looking at your property. They will know that they are moving into a property that has the very best window units and insulation. Any possible concerns about a noisy road outside will disappear.

Source: Scandinavian Windows