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LiSEC invests in site development


f.l.t.r.: Markus Lininger, Mag. Sven Carich, MSc, Johann Spreitzer, Hermann Schaupp, Gottfried Brunbauer, Oliver Pichler, BM ZM Ing. Franz Pabst, Gerald Szigethy.

photo LiSEC | f.l.t.r.: Markus Lininger, Mag. Sven Carich, MSc, Johann Spreitzer, Hermann Schaupp, Gottfried Brunbauer, Oliver Pichler, BM ZM Ing. Franz Pabst, Gerald Szigethy.

On 04.04.2022 the construction work for the extension of the Engineering Centre at LiSEC has started. Due to the integration of the LiSEC employees from the previous group headquarters in Hausmening to Seitenstetten, the current office space no longer offers sufficient space reserves for growth. 

The rebuilding is also intended to create space for the changing forms of work collaboration. Investments were also made in the expansion of logistics space. Further substantial investments in the modernisation and expansion of the site are planned for the coming years.

Expansion of the Engineering Centre

Nowadays, shared desk concepts and Home Office are fixed parts of the working environment at LiSEC. With the expansion of the Engineering Centre, the structural possibilities for a realignment of the space situation are created. The working environment will be modernised and a total of approx. 100 to 130 additional workplaces will be created on an area of 2,000 m². 

Gottfried Brunbauer, CEO, highlights some advantages of the expansion: By expanding directly on the site, the space will be used efficiently. Fragmentation due to additional office locations is avoided and distances remain short. 

Symbol image Expansion Engineering Centre © Schaupp Bauplanung GmbH

The window area is maximised, creating many bright workplaces. The existing buildings will only be carefully interfered with and the ability to work will be maintained as far as possible during the construction phase. 

Project Manager Gerald Szigethy, Head of Technical Services, on the construction: The expansion of the Engineering Centre will create a modern office space which optimizes the working environment of the technical teams. The new building is directly adjacent to the Test Center Hall. This will enable the technicians to develop new, highly automated systems as well as state-of-the-art digital products very efficiently.

A total of approximately EUR 7 million will be invested in the expansion of the Engineering Centre as well as the extension of the logistics areas. The goal is to complete the expansion in the first quarter of 2023.

Expansion of logistics areas

More space is needed in the assembly halls at LiSEC due to the high order volume. A warehouse on the factory premises with approx. 2,000 m2 provides the solution. The lightweight hall will be built adjacent to the existing production hall in the east of the factory premises. It is planned to be completed by the end of June 2022.

New Work at LiSEC

New Work aspects are being considered both for the expansion itself and for the existing areas. 

Our working world is in a constant state of change. We are intensively dealing with the topic of New Work. The new building will also create central social, meeting and collaboration zones to support the digital transformation of our company and offer an attractive working environment for our employees – says Oliver Pichler, CFO.

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