Onyx Solar as a contributor to the European-funded REZBUILD project


Onyx Solar

photo Onyx Solar

First transparent photovoltaic glass onyx solar.

photo Onyx Solar

First transparent photovoltaic glass onyx solar.

Onyx Solar takes part in the European project REZBUILD (Refurbishment decision making platform through advanced technologies for near Zero Energy Building Renovation), which main goal is to develop one refurbishment ecosystem based on the integration of cost-effective technologies, business models and life cycle interaction for deep NZEB renovation to diverse residential renovation typologies and interconnecting both, building renovation stages and stakeholders.

This innovation will establish a multi-collaborative framework within a refurbishment methodology managed by an Agile Project Management tool capable to interconnect in real-time the key steps of a tailored retrofitting plan among all stakeholders involved within the building renovation value chain.

The construction sector is the highest energy consumer (about 40 %) and main contributor to GHG emissions (about 36 %) in Europe. At this stage, tackling refurbishment of existing residential buildings (historic buildings included) is a top priority and decarbonisation is the main goal aligned with the European energy and climate change policies.

In this context a number of challenges have been set for NZEB renovation taking into account all stakeholders involved through five pillars: technical, economical, social, environmental and legal. REZBUILD will address these challenges by opening the construction sector with the integration of innovation technologies to pave the way towards an annual renovation rate of 2.5%.

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