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Roller shutters

OKNO-POL Sp. z o.o.
More information about OKNO-POL

Top-mounted roller shutter system EXTE for houses and blocks of flats. They ensure optimal protection from the sun and provide an acoustic barrier.


  • High quality profile with chambered design
  • The box is additionally insulated with styrofoam resulting in outstanding thermal insulation
  • Boxes come in three sizes: 156, 181 and 220 mm
  • Classic revision (plastering from the interior not recommended)
  • Three types of curtain profiles

Drive system:

  • pull-strap coiler, crank gear, or an electric drive
  • Drive and steering from SELVE or SOMFY
  • Optional installation of hanger blocks which provide added protection against break-ins
  • Wide assortment of additional accessories


  • Wide assortment of colours including wood grain which matches the colour scheme of Okno-Pol products


  • Sealing strip comes standard


OKNO-POL Sp. z o.o.

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