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ROMB S.A. (dawniej Metalplast Karo Złotów S. A.)
More information about ROMB S.A.

New hardware, which emerged as a response to market demand, designed especially for window manufacturers who value simplicity and economy of production. 

The main objective, which prevailed at the time of constructing of the DYNAMIC hardware was to limit assortment necessary for the proper functioning of the rectangular windows: turn-tilt, turn and tilt. Practically all of the hardware components are equipped with the latching elements for the hardware groove.


Basic technical information:

Faceplate width:                     16 mm
Distance from handle axis to front:15 mm
Locking deadbolts diameter:7 /11 mm
Gear diameter and thickness:Ø25×12 mm
Locking deadbolts throw:2x17 mm
Square pin:7 mm

New assortment enables possibility of fitting window sashes with drive gears either with fixed or with variable handle position. Corner drive gears were replaced with corners and corner extensions. The amount of stays and stay arms was reduced (only 2 sizes of arms for entire scope of hardware application) while maintaining one of the most important features – versatility.

A well-known solution – connecting hardware via connection plate has been applied. It allows to fit the window even without specialized equipment and enables easier elimination of errors due to mistakes while cutting hardware.

Symmetrical holes spacing for hinges allows their performance even on "loose" stile and on finished frame removes the need to reflect on the best way of fitting the template for the proper execution of holes spacing.


Hardware provides: 

The possibility of “arming” window sashes in the ranges:
– height in the notch Hw = 300 – 2400 mm

– width in the notch Sw = 330 – 1600 mm

Possibility to adjust:
– pressure to the frame of the wing ± 0,8 mm

– regulation in the horizontal axis ± 2 mm

– regulation in the vertical axis ± 3 mm  


Benefits for the manufacturer:

1. Smaller assortment while preserving full functionality of the hardware.

2. Improved performance of assembling windows, due to using corners in all of the corners, where it is necessary to transfer power to an adjacent sash stile.

3. Increased versatility and interchangeability of hardware parts.

4. Reduced amount of stay arms.

5. More compact design of corners, ends and locks.

6. Versatility – the same hinge elements may be used in the left and right window sashes.

7. Full functionality and durability while using new materials.

8. No need for specialized tooling for hardware cutting.

9. Additional elements, such as balcony latch or drive gear blockade, allow to increase the functionality of the hardware.


ROMB S.A. (dawniej Metalplast Karo Złotów S. A.)

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