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More information about BREVIS

Our Urbino intake can be easily adjusted to any controller, regardless of the manufacturer. Its versatile design makes it possible to combine an anti-smog and anti-allergic air intake with virtually any controller without having to replace the whole unit. It is the first intake with an air filter, intended for the three most popular types of ventilation.


Urbino has everything you need: an anti-smog and anti-allergic filter, a sound attenuator, and additionally an automated differential pressure controller. It responds to pressure variations, continuously supplying a proper volume of air into your house.


It filters 100% of air

This modern intake effectively reduces the flow of up to 99% of PM10 and even 80% of PM2.5, additionally protecting against the penetration of other harmful dusts, allergens or even mites and large bacteria. The intuitive cassette latch enables a quick replacement of a worn filter.



Urbino TRDn

The anti-smog and anti-allergic Urbino intake is combined with a reliable Ventair TRDn controller, thus creating a complete Urbino TRDn trickle vent. The profiled sound attenuator in combination with the TRDn controller acts as an invisible barrier against bothersome noises coming from outside. The unbeaten sound attenuation of up to 48 dB ensures peace and quiet.



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Technical specifications


Nominal flow ∆p = 10 Pa

trickle vent open: 21,7 m3/h

trickle vent closed: 6,4 m3/h


Nominal flow ∆p = 20 Pa

trickle vent open: 32,9 m3/h

trickle vent closed: 7,5 m3/h


Acoustic insulation

(air intake placed 15 mm in the insulation layer)

trickle vent open: Dn,e,w = 40 (-1, -2) dB

trickle vent closed: Dn,e,w = 48 (0, -2) dB


Acoustic insulation

trickle vent open: Dn,e,w = 39 (-1; -2) dB

trickle vent closed: Dn,e,w = 48 (-1; -3) dB



up to 85% PM10
up to 30% PM2.5



automated with pressure difference


Resistance to penetration by rainwater

600 Pa


Resistance to condensation

RH = 41% at Tout./Tin. = -20°C / +20°C



Aluminium, ABS/ASA


Range of application

wood window framing, PVC


Available colors



body: RAL 9016

ends: white



body: any RAL

ends: black


*Parameters for a set with a trickle vent Ventair TRDn


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