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Wrębowy wentyl okienny MACO VENT

MACO VENT ventilator

MACO POLSKA Sp. z o.o.
More information about MACO

Ventilation systems are standard today in energy efficient building constructions. Modern architecture and highest energy economy go hand-in-hand. MACO combines both of these factors and offers the window manufacturer new options for ventilation elements above the window. The concealed window rebate valve from MACO is the most expedient alternative to central and non-central ventilation systems. The concealed window rebate valve ensures intelligent, automatic regulation of the air flow and provides a userindependent, optimised exchange of air, and protection against moisture damage. Furthermore, the user can intervene manually and select a flow rate between "completely open" and "fully closed".

Benefits for end users:

  • automatic control of minimum air exchange;
  • prevents development of bacteria and mould;
  • straightforward installation;
  • protection against moisture damage;
  • economic efficiency and low maintenance;
  • active and inactive modes. 

Advantages for manufacturers:

  • competent consultancy from MACO;
  • regulated, controlled minimum exchange of air with the window closed;
  • software tool for secure design of ventilation measures;
  • user-independent;
  • invisible in the window rebate;
  • easy installation, also for retrofits;
  • stand acc. to DIN 1946-6 and/or DIN 18017-3;
  • for all conventional PVC window profiles;
  • retrofits at any time without special tool;
  • does not impair burglary protection;
  • no routings in the frame.



MACO POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

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