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System Design

System Design

CKM Extrusion Sp. z o.o.
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Modern, stylish, energy-efficient

  • modern design reaching the tastes of each customer
  • in basic version a seven-chamber frame with half-flushed sash having eight chambers
  • thermal coefficient of a reference window 0,70-1,22 W / m2K
  • 70mm frame depth
  • five types of sashes to choose from - diversified in terms of both, built and height of profiles - possibility for obtaining large areas of glazing at a minimised thickness of plastic in window
  • profiles certified as Class S (tropical climate)
  • profiles made of a high quality 100% PVC without any additon of lead
  • possibility of using a special third gasket's PVC clip at any stage of production, without having to purchase any additional frame profiles - with one frame you can produce both: classic two-gasket windows, as well as energy-efficient, airtight windows with triple sealing
  • the so-called "sash-stulp" profile available - saving time in the production of windows with a floating mullion
  • a unique range of colours (including the unprecedented colours of Stucco Oak and Vintage Pine, the use of which is exclusive to CKM Extrusion company)
  • with the use of proper glazing and special thermal inserts it is possible to get a product with the properties of a passive window
  • air permeability class C4
  • a wide range of perfect solutions for the Polish, Italian, German and French markets
  • profiles also available in anthracite base


CKM Extrusion Sp. z o.o.

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