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Electronic Double Head Cutting Off Machine with Blades Diam. 550 mm

80-542 Gdańsk
ul. Oliwska 85
tel.: + 48 513 121 622
tel.: +48 58 329 44 37
e-mail: [email protected]
Data: 2019-10-04
Autor: Gemma Group ABCD
LOGIKA P-RV 550 - Double head cutting off machine. Pneumatic tilting of both heads. Distance measuring system of the heads protected from chips. Tilting of both heads from 20° up to 135° with mechanical stops at 20°/45°/90°/135°. Tilting of the heads on intermediate positions by means of manually adjustable stops. Diameter of blades 550 mm. Adjustment of blade outlet. Power 2,2 kW. Length material support movable sawing head 1,8 mt. Horizontal pneumaticclamping set. Brake fitted on movable sawing head with pneumatic cylinder. Moving of movable head with motorgear. Air gun. Prepared for connexion to exhauster (hole diam.80mm). Tank evacuation swarf and scrap. Max. cutting length 5 mtrs. Min. cutting length (at 90°=320mm, at 135°=535mm, at 45°=345mm). Flotating safety hoods for the max. operator safety. Spray mist lubrication (Venturi). Positioning control.
EQUIPPED WITH ELECTRONIC POSITIONER ABLE TO: Manage single cuts. Memorize cutting list already calculated via USB key. Software expanding capacity of cut on length. Software reducing capacity of cut on length. Software bevelling cut. Software for incremental cut.
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Maszyny, narzędzia, usługi, obróbka powierzchni, software, oprogramowanie

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