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Double head cutting off machine SELECTA

80-542 Gdańsk
ul. Oliwska 85
tel.: + 48 513 121 622
tel.: +48 58 329 44 37
e-mail: [email protected]
Data: 2019-08-06
Autor: Sławomir M. Stasiak
Double head cutting off machine SELECTA. High quality double head cutting off machine with a fixed sawing head on the left and automatic right head movable by numeric control with upstroke blades. Rotation and tilting of both blades for compound cuts. Brushless motor for the positioning of the movable head. Automatic pivoting inwards/outwards heads by brushless motor 22,5°90°-140°. Automatic tilting range inwards of the saw blades 90°-45°, with 2 TCT Saw blades Ø 600 mm. Motor power 3 Kw each, lubrication by micro drop with pure oil, full protections, cutting areas with automatic raising/closing safety head, kit vertical pneumatic clamps, software of the machine completely graphical-colour display Touch screen video. 17’’Wide extension thanks to the gates RJ45-USB it allows the possibility to manage different typologies of windows with image memory for direct use. Ethernet connection to the main office or with other programs or connections with other CNC machines. Possibility of tele-assistance via internet. CUTTING LENGTH 5/6 MT.
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