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Vertical panel saw KGS / GMC 400 AUTOMATIC

80-542 Gdańsk
ul. Oliwska 85
tel.: + 48 513 121 622
tel.: +48 58 329 44 37
e-mail: [email protected]
Data: 2019-03-19
Autor: S.M. Stasiak
A monobloc structure, rigid and stable, with at most small size allows to dissect very large panels in a minimal space. For over fifty years we build vertical panel saws. This experience has enabled us to design a kind of simple and practical to use panel saw, at a very affordable price. steel upper guide hardened and rectified that allows the machine to always work as a team, saw unit covered with sound-absorbing material to minimize noise and vibration, in an adjustable steel base at each point and accurate testing during the various processing stages give the certainty our customers to buy cars practical, economical and reliable technology.

equivalent continuous acoustic pressure level average 72.0 +/- 2dBA (work in progress).

N.2 intermediate supports risultabili; 2 measuring stops for vertical cuts. series mobile frame.
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