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Machine for processing aluminium and PVC profiles MARLIN CNC 550

80-542 Gdańsk
ul. Oliwska 85
tel.: + 48 513 121 622
tel.: +48 58 329 44 37
e-mail: [email protected]
Data: 2018-10-03
Autor: Sławomir M. Stasiak
2 CNC controlled axis

The machine is composed by 3 units:
1-Manual bar loading unit
Gripper to clamp the profile and has provision for manual adjustment:
Vertically from 0 to 210 mm
Horizontally from 0 to 150 mm
Capable of moving a weight of 10 kg per meter

Variable feed speed of the pusher from 1 to 24 mt / 1 ‘with 0.22 KW motor
Maximum loadable profile lenghth 6200mm
2-Cutting unit
Horizontal cutting off machine carbide saw blade 550 mm
Blade motor power: 2,2 KW
Blade speed: 2800 rpm
Programmable electronic tilting of the blade at an angle from 20° to 160°

Oleopneumatic blade advance
Pair of horizontal pneumatic clamps
Pair of vertical pneumatic clamps Integral protection of cutting area
3-Manual unloding and storage unit
Maximum unloding profile 4000 mm
Touch Screen PC electronic control panel TFT 17”
Windows 10 system Possibility to program:
a) Blade inclination
b) Pusher feed speed
c) Cutting list
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