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MACO POLSKA Sp. z o.o.
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MACO MULTI-MATIC is the new line of window hardware for the most exigent clients. Advantages of MULTI-MATIC system:

  • Sophisticated Design - studies have shown that consumers increasingly have an eye for design and beauty. We put the finishing touches to your windows with a sophisticated fittings design and a range of additional features.
  • Durable, reliable operational for many years to come - quality and functionality are at the top every window buyer’s list of priorities.
  • Energy-saving features and tight sealing - tight sealing is essential for any window. We want to raise window buyers awareness of the energy they can save by using specific ventilation features.
  • Security against uninvited guests - window-buyers are still not familiar enough with those elements which can resist break-ins. Maco MulTi-MaTic offers your customers various types of securityien.

Benefits for the window manufacturer:

  • Easy-to-handle fittings save time and money. Quick assembly thanks to a sophisticated coupling system, saving time and money. compatible fittings parts can also be installed for special designs.
  • Many different ways of fabrication. This fitting system allows you to use various types of fabrication technology, from manual assembly through partial automation, right up to unmanned fully automated fabrication technology.
  • Packaging savings. The new packaging system has been designed so that less packing material is needed. Removal of the packaging from the fitting is quick and simple.
  • Logistical solutions for the fabrication location. The correct fitting equipment and a permanent supply to the fabrication site, without excessive downtime, are essential criteria for the smooth running production of windows.

Unique characteristics and advanced solutions:

  • The fitting design: uniform silver-look surface, linear recesses on the faceplate and rounded edges on strikers and sash lifter give our hardware elegant look.
  • The connecting edges are covered, providing protection against corrosion and visual enhancement.
  • Partially-concealed and fully concealed hinges are the answer for the newest trends in window design.
  • Corner hinge can be regulated in 3 directions, so that you can give your customers a window that provides complete satisfaction.
  • The contact pressure can easily be adjusted with i.S. cams; they seal your window tightly, save costs, ensure satisfied customers and allow you to stand out from the competition.



MACO POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

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