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Wiertarka wielowrzecionowa FOR 22D - FOR 23D - FOR 33D

Multi-head drilling machines FOR 22D - 23D - 33D

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Multi-head drilling machines with fixed left head and the other manually moving, with pneumatic lock. Each automatic-drop head can be selected separately and features 2 spindles with variable centre distance, pneumatic movement of the mobile bit with possibility of storing 2 centre distances and rapid approach device with automatic profile section height detection. Y-axis transversal adjustable clamp planes, with possibility of storing 6 positions, to speed up positioning.  The "22D" and "23D" versions feature 2 heads and base with length 2000 and 3000 mm respectively; the "33D" version has 3 heads and 3000 mm long base.
On request, machines can be made with more heads and different base lengthsDrilling machines. FOR 22D - 23D - 33D

Technical details

Three-phase power supply: 380/400-50/60 Volt-Hz
Three-phase motor power: 1.1 kW
Spindle speed: 2250  rpm
Z axis stroke: 150 mm
Clamp capacity (b x h): 120 x 230 mm
Shanking drill diameter: 12 mm
Adjustable spindle centre distance: 25...180 mm
Base length:   2000-3000 mm. Weight (22D-23D-33D version): 400-520-600 kg. Specifications

Bit shift movement on ball-bearing bars and bushes
Pneumatic horizontal vice with low pressure device
Mechanical depth stop
Micro-mist pneumatic tool lubrication (emulsified oil)
Hydraulic forward speed adjustment
Sliding mobile control panel. Fittings

Service spanner bag
Operator’s and maintenance manual with EC declaration
2 disengageable stops
4/6 HSS bits Ø 6/11.5 at 90°+ Ø L=120 collet Ø 12x30 table
2 stop support rods L=1000 mm
Adjustable levelling feet (fitted)
Air blowing gun for cleaning (fitted)


Disengageable stop
Different types of bits

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