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Bezpieczne uchylanie MACO MULTI SECUAIR

MULTI SECUAIR secure tilting

MACO POLSKA Sp. z o.o.
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Leave the house feeling safe and secure with tilted windows. No need to worry about uninvited guests or a sudden rainstorm. With its reduced tilt depth, the secured ventilation position provides security and energy-efficient ventilation. It is ideal for modern lifestyles, as it provides continuous ventilation and a constant indoor climate when the occupants are away for extended periods and for building shells with increased air tightness. Do you want to provide ventilation when occupants are away but still benefit from the security offered by burglary resistance grade RC 2?

Benefits for end users:

  • unique, additional window function for secure ventilation;
  • familiar operation of the window with additional handle position;
  • secure ventilation position protects against water ingress when occupants are away;
  • energy-efficient air circulation and fresh air supply when occupants are away;
  • incoming air is pre-heated in the reduced ventilation position;
  • no draught (with reduced ventilation position), as the sash does not stick out all the way around;
  • anti-slam device for both ventilation positions;
  • security class RC 2 in accordance with EN 1627 possible.

​Advantages for manufacturers:

  • no need for a separate hardware range;
  • unique hardware combination for all sizes;
  • easy fabrication thanks to detailed assembly instructions;
  • profile can be adapted on request;
  • no adjustment work needed on the GL striker plates;
  • high quality striker plate made of Zamak (zinc aluminium alloy);
  • customer logo can be added to cover caps;
  • low stockholding costs as this function can be realised with just one additional item.

MACO POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

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