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PEMAC 01P frezarko-kopiarka

PEMAC 01P copy-router

Ultima spółka z o.o.
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The PEMAC 01P is a 1-head highspeed copy router, designed for milling aluminum and PVC profiles. The machine is equipped with
two pneumatic clamps that are adjustable in height and width. This ensures constant clamping of the profiles, which largely avoids
vibrations. The machine also has 2 pneumatic copy pins and 5 adjustable mechanical stops. Combined with the graduated
measuring rods, this ensures optimum working flexibility. All slidings are ball-bushings, hardened and rectified rods completely
supported for the overall length ensuring the total vibration absence and therefor absolute accuracy. The supplied template is
supplied according to the wishes of the customer.


Ultima spółka z o.o.

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