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System zarządzania dostępem MACO openLife

MACO openLife access management system

MACO POLSKA Sp. z o.o.
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Open the door for the postman to make a delivery or let your son, who has forgotten his key again, into the house, even though you are still at work. Give employees or guests temporary access to a range of rooms: MACO openLife makes it a reality. The modern, location-independent, real time access management system optimises building use through flexible access authorisations. Rooms, offices, conference rooms, production facilities and so on can be temporarily used by different groups of people. Thanks to encrypted data transmission based on a patented read-write functionality, MACO openLife guarantees maximum security and sets new standards in secure data transmission.

Advantages of MACO openLife:

  • matches any door - the hardware matches almost any door, is easy to install and completely wireless. The hardware comes in a range of designs and lever handle sets, which means it blends in with the style of any building;
  • new hardware and keys - with the MACO tag, the system opens the SALTO hardware. The tag contains the most secure RFID chip currently on the market, making it impossible to duplicate the ID;
  • immediate block - lost key fobs can be blocked immediately (on the go and in real time). There is no need to replace the locking system;
  • immediate opening and closing - each person can be assigned individual access rights. So if someone is delayed, the door can be opened at any time using end devices with iOS or Android software;
  • notifications and alarms - when a door is left open, if an unauthorised person attempts to gain access or if information is required about who has accessed the building or not and when, the system notifies the relevant person automatically via SMS, e-mail or app;
  • real-time access control - MACO tags can be remotely monitored by authorised persons. This means that immediate decisions can be made about who has access to which doors and when. Access authorisations can thus be customised in real time to suit individual needs.


MACO POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

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