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F4466062 jet black matt cool colors PLUS

F4466062 jet black matt cool colors PLUS

Konrad Hornschuch AG
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Conti® Jet Black – as black as the gemstone jet


With Conti® Jet Black, Continental presented a color that offers the darkest black that is currently available on the market. The color was inspired by the gemstone jet, a mineraloid, which is a type of lignite. The color is the same, but three embossings are offered, each of which makes skai Jet Black look different: the detailed, natural wood embossing gives the window profile an interesting look and feel – with matt sand embossing, a skai Jet Black window looks like a powder-coated window. And finally, the very fine glossy embossing looks particularly elegant.






A further development of Conti® cool colors is Conti® cool colors plus, which is additionally equipped with a white base coat and is even more efficient at reducing heat absorption. In this manner, a dark surface is completely neutralized. This treatment is used under extreme climate conditions. Our cool colors plus assortment consists of 17 trendy colours.





Konrad Hornschuch AG

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