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SSL 1 Automatyczna linia zgrzewająco-czyszcząca

SSL 1 Four Head Welding and CNC Corner Cleaning Line

Schtec Makine San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
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SSL 1 Four Head Welding and CNC Corner Cleaning Automation Line

  • An integrated system which consists of a WM 740 four point welding machine, a CS 810 cooling and buffer station, a TS 820 Robotics design turning station and a CM 620 CNC Corner Cleaner
  • All process is controlled by industrial PC systems from welding to cooling,to turning and finally to cleaning.

WM 740 Four Head Welding Machine

  • Welds four corners of PVC profiles simultaneously at 90 °with high sensitivity and strength
  • Beckhoff brand, high performance industrial PC operated by Windows XP Embedded. Fanless motherboard system works between 0°C – 55°C, and it comes with a 15” touch screen display
  • Data transfer via ethernet network connection, wireless network connection or USB interface
  • Welding parameters are defined by the user for every individual profile(up to 10,000 profiles)
  • Welding temperature, melting and welding times can be adjusted individually for each profile type.
  • All machine axes are moved by hardened steel ball screw which provides accuracy and durability.
  • PC controlled (PID) heat control system to obtain strong welding results in compliance with standards.
  • Summer / winter working mode is automatically selected,so the temperature adjustment is done easily
  • Horizontally placed strong mechanical heating plates distribute heat homogeneously without being affected from difficult working conditions.
  • Easy and fast change for teflons by specially designed roll up teflon system.
  • Easy and fast change for welding moulds
  • Works effectively by compressed air supplied to the system
  • White or colour profiles can be weld with the same sensitivity
  • Central lubrication system minimizes maintenance time
  • Reports can be created for daily, weekly, monthly and annual production
  • Light barriers and safety equipment confors to CE machine design with full security
  • Stable and accurate data transfer between this machine and the CNC corner cleaning machine via Industrial quality Ethernet connection
  • All the error messages and system status can observed on screen by HMI software program developed by the Schtec software department
  • Service to the entire automation system,trouble shooting and fault removals can be done by remote connection


  • Gasket pressing system
  • Barcode reader
  • Welding moulds

Technical Informations ;

Power SupplyPower ConsumptionMax. Welding LengthMin. Welding LengthMin. Welding LengthMax. Profile HeightMin. Profile HeightMax. Profile WidthAir PressureAir ConsumptionMachine HeightMachine LengthMachine WidthMachine Weight
400 V, 3ph, 50-60 Hz
11.5W , 28.75A
3.600 mm x 2.600 mm
450mm x 450 mm
520 mm x 570 mm (with gasket pressing system)
180 mm
35 mm
120 mm
6-8 bar
70 lt. /min.
1.880 mm
4.980 mm
4.750 mm
1.920 kg

TS 820
Turning Station with the Robotics Arms;

  • High speed and high accuracy turning operation via a robotic system with strong and fast mechanical turning arms
  • Stable turning process with highly durable turning arms
  • Turning speed calculation is done automatically for each frame's geometric shape, reinforcement steel weight and all other factors included.
  • All machine axis are moved by hardened steel rack and pinion gear system which provides accuracy and durability
  • Turning robot spends the minimum energy and the least amount of time by synronochizing its actions with the CNC machine's fence system.
  • Its compact design allows it to occupy the smallest working area possible, which is  12 m²  less than its competitors.
  • Turning time is 1 second for small frames and between 1,5 – 4 seconds for all other sizes.

Voltage400 V AC, 3 P, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption3 kW,7,5 A
Min.Outter Frame Dimension450 x 450 mm
Max.Outter Frame Dimension2.300 x 2.300 mm
Max. Profile Height160 mm
Min. Profile Height35 mm
Max. Profile Width130 mm
Machine Weight850 kg


CS 810
Cooling and Buffer Station;

  • Works between a corner cleaner and a welding machine.
  • Provides cooling time for the profiles coming from the welding machine prior to sending them the corner cleaning machine.
  • Cooling time is set through the welding machine's control panel.
  • Helps increase the production capacity by storing the profiles coming from the welder before sending them to the corner cleaner.

Technical Informations ;

Power SupplyPower ConsumptionMachine HeightMachine Length  Machine WidthMachine Weight
400 V, 3ph, 50-60 Hz
1,5kW , 3 A
1.050 mm
3.350 mm
2.740 mm
315 kg

CM 620

CNC Corner Cleaning Machine

  • High speed and accuracy corner cleaning with Servo System controlled 2 Axes
  • Automatic knife selection for selected profile foil type (colour / white)
  • High quality corner cleaning result through  durable special knife and bit designs
  • High quality cleaning results on surfaces by automatic measurement system
  • Industrial PC Based Control System (Beckhoff)
  • Remote desktop connection by way of Wifi or Network connection
  • File transfer by USB or network
  • Easy programming support via DXF,DWG file extensions
  • Central lubrication system for all bearings, axis and sliding bearings
  • 15” TouchScreen
  • High performance industrial PC working between 0C – 55C with operating system Windows XP Embedded and fanless design
  • All alarm messages are shown on the machine interface thanks to software which was developed by SCHTEC Software R&D Department.
  • By way of using private remote desktop connection, which was developed by SCHTEC Software R&D Department, expert service technicians can connect machine automation system and machine interface for fixing or determine problems.


  • Additional tool for sliding frames inside surface cleaning
  • Additional tool for monoblock frames inner surface cleaning

Technical Informations

Voltage400 V AC , 3 P , 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption7 kW ,18 A
Air Pressure6-8 bar
Air Consumption110 lt. / min.
Saw Blade DetailsØ 250 x Ø 30 x 3.2 mm , Z=80
Saw Blade rpm5.200 rpm
Drillers rpm14.000 rpm
Max. Axes Speed45 m./min.
Max.Outter Frame DimensionLimitless (Automatic Mode : 2.300 x 2.300 mm)
Min.Outter Frame Dimension380 x 380 mm (Automatic Mode :450 x 450 mm)
Max. Profile Height160 mm (Depending on the profile type, different regions can be cleaned)
Min. Profile Height35 mm
Max. Profile Width130 mm
Machine Height1.900 mm
Machine Lenght2.150 mm
Machine Width1.250 mm
Machine Weight960 kg
Tool Count12 piece
Capacity400-440 frame / 8 hours (1 corner cleaning time based on) 

Schtec Makine San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

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