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WPR/TAKA na Fensterbau Norymberga 2018

Speed, quality and efficiency: the keys to success!

TAKAPOL sp. z o.o.
More information about Takapol

WPR/TAKA is the only company in the world to combine state of the art wrapping machinery with cutting edge PUR hot melt adhesives. We are represented in more than 25 countries on 4 continents.

To meet increasingly demanding market trends, WPR/TAKA has taken profile wrapping machinery to the next level with the NWA.300.9000 Wood. It can be configured with multiple options such as; high performance trimming mills, automatic foil joining and more. Combined with TAKA’s leading edge PUR hot melts it guarantees excellent finishes and performance.


WPR/TAKA manufacturers the entire heart of coating technology. Melt units, slot nozzles, profile wrappers and adhesives allow the customer to have one manufacturer responsible for all aspects of the wrapping process; ensuring that the quality of the finished product is guaranteed 360 °


Our innovative wrapping system combines high production speed with excellent quality and aesthetic results!


In addition, the WPR / TAKA Academy provides research, development, application innovation and quality control that have always been the heart of WPR / TAKA


Do you want to discover how to integrate the NWA.300.9000 into your production line? For more information go to  or visit the WPR/TAKA website at

TAKAPOL sp. z o.o.

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