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More information about POLFLAM

POLFLAM® F fire-resistant glass is used for ceilings and stairs. 
It is available in the fire-resistance classes REI 30, REI 45 and REI 60.

We are capable of making POLFLAM® F glass of various shapes within the outline 
of a rectangle of the maximum dimensions 2200 x 1650 mm. 
The thickness of the glass, subject to the dimensions of the form, varies from 46 mm to 62 mm.

Fire-resistant glazed ceilings and stairs provide for more daylight saturation while giving the users of the building maximum protection in an incident of fire.

POLFLAM offers glass for glazed ceilings and stairs of the load-bearing capacity 
of 5 kN/ sq m.

POLFLAM®F glass can be covered with antiskid screen print.