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Edgetech Europe GmbH
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Duraseal® is a single-seal, durable and high-performance insulating glass edge seal system, designed with a unique composite technology. The flexible warm edge spacer is preassembled with air chambers for better insulation, a butyl sealant, a continuous moisture barrier on three sides and a desiccant matrix.

Suitable for simple and fast processing in high volume production of double and triple glazing insulating glass units in which the insulating glass is sealed under heat and pressure. Duraseal® can be used together with a secondary sealant as a dual seal.



• Thermal conductivity: λ=0.32 W/mK (tested in accordance with ASTM C 518)

• Colours: black and grey (other colours on request)

• North America E2190

• Europe EN 1279

• Canada CGSB 12.8

• GOST 24866-99



• Low thermal conductivity

• Fast dew point drop

• High desiccant content absorbs moisture

• No chemical fogging

• Pleasing aesthetic appearance

• Enhanced comfort and well-being near windows

• Excellent condensation resistance, shape retention and colour stability

• Excellent durability for sustainable performance

• Higher productivity through ease of processing



• Suitable for automated high volume production

• No additional filling with desiccant

• Immediate handling of the units

• No need to wait for the curing process

• Low capital investment

• High productivity with smaller workforce 

Edgetech Europe GmbH

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