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Edgetech Europe GmbH
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Dual seal system:

• Organic EPDM foam 

• Improved gas retention through outer hot-melt butyl sealant 

• Fixed with acrylic adhesive

• Multi-layered vapour barrier

• Height 4.8 mm.  

The Super Spacer® Standard  is a flexible organic foam spacer, providing excellent thermal insulation of edge seals for insulating glass. Desiccant filled, with pre-applied side adhesive and a multilayer vapour barrier, the structural foam spacer significantly simplifies sealed unit manufacture. For all technical data, please refer to the Super Spacer® Standard datasheet.  



• Height: 4.8 mm 

• Thermal conductivity: λ=0.2 W/mK (tested in accordance with EN 12667, IFT WA 17/1)

• Gas/Moisture vapour barrier: WVTR < 0.020 g/m2/day; oxygen < 0.009 cc/m2/day (tested in accordance with ASTM F 1249, ASTM D 3985)

• Primary structure seal: Acrylic adhesive 

• Temperature range: -40 °C to +121 °C 

• Colours: black and grey (other colours on request)

• North America ASTM E2188/E2189/E2190

• Europe EN 1279

• Canada CGSB 12.8

• P1 industry standard USA 



• Low thermal conductivity

• Fast dew point drop 

• Durable edge seal, continuous vapour barrier at corners 

• Breathable, flexible foam matrix

• High desiccant content absorbs moisture

• No chemical fogging 

• Pleasing aesthetic appearance

• High-quality EPDM foam for superior resistance to ozone, UV light and oxidation 

• Very good gas-loss rate values according to EN 1279-3 

• Enhanced comfort and well-being near windows

• Excellent condensation resistance, shape retention and colour stability

• Excellent durability for sustainable performance

• Higher productivity through ease of processing (only three process steps) 



• Fast, straightforward application with precise corner formation 

• No bubbling on the surface 

• No additional filling with desiccant 

• No corner brackets required

• Simplified production of shaped panes

• Immediate handling of the units

• No need to wait for the curing process

• Low capital investment

• High productivity with smaller workforce


Edgetech Europe GmbH

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