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TGI-Spacer Precision
Technoform Edge Bond Solutions Poland Sp. z o.o.
TGI-Spacer Precision
TGI-Spacer Precision – rely on perfection Due to our innovative...

Edgetech Europe GmbH
Super Spacer® Premium
Unique dual seal system: • Silicone foam  • Improved...

Edgetech Europe GmbH
Duralite® is a single-seal, durable, high-performance insulating glass...

Edgetech Europe GmbH
Super Spacer® T-Spacer Premium Plus
The triple seal system Super Spacer® T-Spacer™ Premium Plus...

Edgetech Europe GmbH
Super Spacer® Cushion Edge™
Super Spacer® Cushion Edge™ is a flexible, U-shaped spacer, used...
TGI-Spacer M
Technoform Edge Bond Solutions Poland Sp. z o.o.
TGI-Spacer M
TGI-Spacer M – equipped for every challenge The TGI-Spacer M...

Edgetech Europe GmbH
Super Spacer® Standard
Dual seal system: • Organic EPDM foam  • Improved gas...

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