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Ściany osłonowe, słupowo-ryglowe

Curtain walls

OKNO-POL Sp. z o.o.
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Light, modern design allowing for the construction of a beautiful glass facade and ensuring high levels of natural light.

  • We propose a mullion-transom system or modular wall system
  • Wide choice of glass – reflective, thermoinsulated, soundproof, or Venetian glass
  • High static parameters allowing for the construction of curtain walls in any shape.


Aluprof MB-SR50 EFEKT 

  • Intended for constructing and creating the light-weight curtain walls of hanging and filling type, as well as roofs, skylights, rotundas.
  • System based on mullion-transom MB-SR 50
  • Construction similar in appearance to structural wall
  • High esthetic standards – one-glass plane effect (small space between panes – 20 mm)
  • Profile width - 50 mm
  • Thermal insulation - group 1 acc. to DIN 4108
  • Double glazing with thickness from 28 to 36 mm
  • Strengthening of glass with the help of mechanical connectors
  • Optional use of single glass modules and insulation
  • The large number of mullions and transoms available in this system guarantees the best possible aluminium use.
  • Rich choice of profiles and accessories for symmetrical, asymmetrical and square connections
  • Filling the gaps between panes with insulating cords and also specialized silicon resulting in full protection from water and air infiltration and outstanding thermal insulation.


Aluprof MB-SR50

  • Intended for constructing and creating the light-weight curtain walls of hanging and filling type, as well as roofs, skylights
  • Profile width - 50 mm
  • Thermal insulation - group 2.1 and 1.0 acc. to DIN 4108
  • Glazing - from 4 to 48 mm
  • Heat transfer coefficient for frame (basic glazing) U = 2,21 W/m2K
  • Beautiful esthetics – rounded profiles create a ‘soft-line effect’
  • The shape of mullions and transoms allows building aesthetic facades with visible narrow dividing lines, ensuring the structure durability and resistance at the same time.
  • Application of the thermal break made of insulating material HPVC and the glazing gaskets made of EPDM allows achieving the appropriate class of thermal insulation and ensures water vapor leakage is held to a minimum on aluminium elements
  • For construction of the broken walls in horizontal and vertical section, the special overlay profiles as well as appropriately shaped clamping and cover beads are available, what eliminates the restrictions in shaping the building mass as well as the necessity to use special angular mullion.
  • Beautifully emphasizes (from an interior perspective) the horizontal and vertical sections of the wall. This is achieved by using jMB-SR50PL (so-called horizontal and vertical lines)



OKNO-POL Sp. z o.o.

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