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Drzwi Przesuwne HS (ALU)

HST Sliding Doors (alu)

EUROCOLOR Sp. z o.o.
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Need a proven solution? Simpler and lighter than PVC, the construction of aluminium doors translates into greater comfort and convenience of use and, combined with the properties of aluminium, provides freedom of design.

Reliable construction 

Many years of experience and expertise mean that we stand before you with a ready-made formula for the best aluminium system. HS (ALU) sliding doors with a width of up to 174 mm, equipped with dividers and optimised chamber filling, guarantee you what you need - warmth to the highest standards. HS (ALU) sliding doors are for discerning people who choose the unusual.

Sliding lightness 

Thanks to the simpler and lighter construction of aluminium doors compared to PVC, you gain greater comfort and incredible ease of use. Do you have any individual wishes? We are ready for it! We will develop a sliding door with a double-sided handle especially for you.

More natural energy

Our HS (ALU) sliding doors can have glazing packets up to 58 mm wide. We opt for large, highly effective glazing so that you can enjoy more light and your home gets a stylish design.

Barrier-free passage 

We have created a threshold whose structure allows it to be hidden in the floor. This will give your home a comfortable passage to your dream terrace or garden.

Appearance matters 

Are you looking for standard colours, metallic and textured effects, or maybe woodgrain? If you choose our HS (ALU) sliding doors, the possibilities are endless, as we can produce them in any RAL colour (several hundred colours available). In addition, to ensure the highest quality of the external surfaces, we will offer you powder coating with polyester paints in accordance with the Qualicoat quality label.
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EUROCOLOR Sp. z o.o.

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