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Ideal 8000

The new generation windows. When choosing them, you choose the comfort of warmth, silence and aesthetics. Windows based on the Ideal 8000 system provide thermal and acoustic insulation at the highest level. They are recommended for passive buildings.



  • a "B" class profile,
  • a 6-chamber structure, 
  • the profile depth: 85 mm,
  • in our standard version: closed steel in the frame,
  • in our standard version: a blockage against handle misplacement (turn-tilt windows),
  • in our standard version: fittings equipped with two anti-burglary pins per sash, a white or brown core,
  • the system equipped with 3 gaskets,
  • the fittings function in the so-called dry chamber - what increases their lifespan,
  • glazing units up to the width of 51 mm,
  • available in variants with a straight or rounded window sash,
  • a possible application of Aluskin aluminium shells,
  • optional concealed fittings, 
  • recommended for passive buildings.