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MACO POLSKA Sp. z o.o.
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MACO POLSKA Sp. z o.o. MACO Polska Sp. z o.o.   Maco Polska was established in 1998. The company built and launched a fully automated central warehouse in Gliwice in the middle of 2005. Since then the main goal of MACO Polska has been to optimize logistics services in Poland and Eastern Europe. In the upcoming months the company is going to run a plant in Gliwice. It is the fifth plant of MACO and the second one outside Austria. The development of the company in Poland is the effect of the impressive growth of MACO’s position on the market, as well as Poland’s strategic position in the map of Europe for neighboring countries. read more

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Savilis advises Maco company in the lease of over 10,000 sq m in Panattoni Park


Savilis advises Maco company in the lease of over 10,000 sq m in Panattoni Park

Mayer & Co Beschläge (MACO), Austrian manufacturer of turn and tilt hardware for windows, expands operations in Poland and moves one of its plants from Austria to Upper Silesia


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Okucia do okien MACO MULTI-MATIC


MACO MULTI-MATIC is the new line of window hardware for the most exigent clients. Advantages of MULTI-MATIC system: Sophisticated Design - studies have shown that consumers increasingly have an eye for design and beauty. We put the finishing touches to your windows with a sophisticated fittings design and a range of additional features....

E-okucie MULTI

MACO MULTI e-hardware

Barrier-free access is no longer simply an issue for certain user groups. It is an integral part of comfortable living for all users - regardless of their age and physical condition. The logical consequence of this development is the automation of the window units. True to the motto "Man defines the action" we have extended our window...

Okucie MACO-MULTI Komfort

MACO MULTI Comfort fittings

Easy-to-operate windows should be a given. Sometimes, we all find it difficult to reach a window: behind the sink in the kitchen, in the bathroom or staircase. The MACO MULTI deluxe hardware for PVC and timber windows let all users handle any tilt&turn window unhindered, in any installation, situation and at any age. The window handle is...


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Our premium solution for patio doors: MACO MULTI ZERO - barrier-free no ifs and buts

MULTI ZERO is the new locking hook from MACO, which is redefining barrier-free design. 20 mm is not the tolerance limit for barrier-free thresholds – no, at MACO, only zero millimetres will do. It is the absolutely compromise-free flush-fit threshold, with no risk of tripping. Whether it is a child’s trike, walking frame or wheelchair, the...

Premium patio sliding door systems from MACO - Animation Video

MACO hardware is a full range of the highest quality from a single source. Including drive gear, rollers, gasket tracks and thresholds. The hardware is suitable for moving sash weights up to 400 kg in PVC, timber and timber/aluminium. Product innovations include the revolutionary retractable locking hooks and flush striker plates. Other new...

MACO Surface Technology

The ultimate quality for all surface finishes, take a tour of our factory and see how we manufacture and protect fittings against corrosion and damage.