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Eko-Okna S.A. is currently the largest Polish manufacturer of window joinery. The company regularly expands its product range. In addition to windows and doors, it also offers, among others, window covers, garage doors and fences.

The company's growth is based primarily on dynamic exports. Eko-Okna's products are already competing in 40 foreign markets. More than 14,000 sales partners operate not only in almost the whole of Europe. Customers are also gained in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Egypt.

25 years in the industry have allowed the company to establish excellent production and delivery mechanisms. The company's strength is the fast delivery of orders, and it is known for its large fleet of lorries. There are close to 1,000 of them, each equipped with a forklift. The driver can use it to take the goods off the truck as soon as they reach the customer.

Eko-Okna is highly regarded in the region as one of the major employers. At present, production takes place only at the head office in Kornica. Two more plants will soon be added: in Wodzisław Śląski and Kędzierzyn-Koźle. Their opening means hiring an additional workforce. Altogether, there will be over ten thousand across all three factories. Each of the employees can expect a competitive salary. They also have access to a staff canteen and free commuting (on selected routes).

The scale of operations is matched by the responsibility of which the company is keenly aware. Eko-Okna cares about culture and supports victims of violence. It also brings aid to people affected by war and supports the Polish Army with equipment. Eko-Okna's crew is highly diverse, and family values are invariably promoted throughout the organisation.

A significant focus of the company is ecology, which even appears in the giant's name. Eko-Okna confirms its commitment to the environment by using only FSC-certified wood, which means that new trees are planted in place of felled ones. Environmentally safe paints, lazures and varnishes are used. The company reaches for recycled materials. Eko-Okna does not waste raw materials or energy, thus reducing the carbon footprint of its production processes.

Even in difficult times, Eko-Okna remains a reliable employer. It also continues to care about the local community. The company offers its customers the best products at attractive prices and provides a lengthy warranty period.


Our story began in 1998. That year, the gates of our first Eko-Okna production plant opened.

Professional approach to the Clients, perfectionism and operation based on the principles of sustainable development quickly paid off. In 2006 our company opened a dealership and warehouse in Belgium and began the expansion into foreign markets. 

The breakthrough moment which allowed us to spread our wings was, beyond doubt, the establishment of the production plant in Kornice. It went operational in 2009. Thanks to this investment, the company significantly increased its production capacity, employment and product range. 

Eko Okna’s offer has expanded - from a small-scale PVC window manufacturer, the company has become a leader in the windows and doors joinery industry. In 2012, the company began production of its first proprietary window brand. That year, the first Eco Sun set out to conquer the world. The high quality and impeccable performance of Eco Sun quickly won clients’ hearts. 

A milestone in Eko-Okna's development was the launch of the third production hall with an area of 20,000 m2, which took place in 2015. The company’s capabilities further expanded after acquiring powder coating apparatus varnishing aluminium elements, which significantly shortened the waiting time for orders. In October 2015, Eko-Okna transformed from a limited liability company into a joint-stock enterprise. 

In 2016, we decided to launch the production of sectional garage doors. They are constructed using components of the renowned German supplier Hoesch Bausysteme GmbH and managed to sweep the market instantly. At the end of 2016, we succeeded in manufacturing the first windows in the HFL technology. It makes it possible to join PVC profiles at an angle of 90 degrees, characteristic of wooden windows. To fulfil this task, we purchased the Schirmer advanced processing centres, which began operation in a newly opened production facility. The HFL technology won over our Dutch customers in particular. 

In 2017 we entered the UK market. Our production facilities gained state-of-the-art machines for outward-opening casement windows. We have become one of the few window manufacturers in Poland who featured such windows and the only company capable of making them in large quantities. 

The year 2018 began with us launching a new line of perimeter fencing. Since then, the product portfolio has acquired countless new items, such as diverse blinds and shutters, innovative mosquito nets and pergolas for terraces and gardens.

In recent years, we have returned to our environmentally-conscious roots emphasising wooden products. We launched a new facility dedicated to wooden windows in mind, whose sales are booming despite the global recession.