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Eko-Okna expands its portfolio with stunning Loft doors


Eko-Okna expands its portfolio with stunning Loft doors

photo EKO-OKNA | Eko-Okna expands its portfolio with stunning Loft doors

Loft, a steel door with glazing, does not try to conceal its loft-derived inspirations. The new product in the Eko-Okien catalogue is dedicated to investors aiming for spacious interiors full of natural light.

Eko-Okna S.A. is introducing one more steel product to its range. This time it is a door with a short yet meaningful name: Loft. The system lacks a thermal break, which means it is designed for interiors only, especially modern ones, as it is stripped of the rebate too. In their stead, it offers impressive glazing with 20 mm wide muntins that can be arranged in any configuration, as long as the design is technically feasible. The manufacturer has prepared 5 sample configurations clients can choose or use as inspiration

We recommend Loft doors for all interiors that aim to be spacious and well-lit – said Sebastian Kostka, the Product Manager, presents the system. – They prove their worth just as well in offices and public spaces as in houses and flats. They can be used to build single- and double-leaf structures and to create permanent partition walls that effectively divide space.

With the introduction of Loft doors, Eko-Okna is opening up to a new, experienced partner specialising in steel products. The designers creating this system worked closely with merchants, regularly incorporating their suggestions into the creative process, resulting in a solution better suited to market expectations. 

Eko-Okna expands its portfolio with stunning Loft doors

The manufacturer emphasises that Loft doors will have dedicated hardware, handles and accessories, different from the proposals available for doors already in the range, such as the Unico XS system. To find out about the new proposals and to check their availability, contact the company's sales department.



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