Eco Vitre - stylish door panels with glass playing the first fiddle


The timeless elegance and style. Eco Vitre – door with sandblasted patterns on the glass as a dominant motif.

The everlasting elegance, the vast array of design possibilities and increasing use of glass properties appeal to architects all around the world. Those factors prompted Eko Okna to create an exclusive, timeless line of Eko Vitre door panels.

Eco Vitre means not only style but also safety and high energy efficiency. Panels are made up of two VSG glass panes, one of which has sandblasted patterns. The space between glass is filled with noble gas.

» Construction of a glass panel:

VSG 44.4 + sandblasting according to pattern / 18 mm frame + argon / VSG 44.2 Plth. XN

Panels are 36 mm thick. They are available in seven models and respond to current market-driven needs.

Eko Vitre door panels are an excellent choice not only because of their aesthetic qualities but also due to a wide range of extras. Eko Okna offers not only door pulls and handles – the traditional key can easily be replaced with automatic door control systems such as a fingerprint reader or numeric keypad.

» Available models of Eko Vitre door panels:

Maximum size of Eko Vitre door panel: 2200 x 950 mm
Minimum size of Eco Vitre door panel: 1700 x 700 mm

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