5 Reasons why PatioMaster doors provide peace of mind


A burglar loves a patio door. It can take an experienced one less than a minute to get inside your home from your patio. Sometimes, no breaking in even happens. Many homeowners do not bother to secure their patio door, so the thief simply and effortlessly slides it open.

Located at the back of the house, people tend to regard it as safer and less accessible; however, somebody who is determined to break into your home won’t let a fence or a dog deter them from taking advantage of that easy entry point. Also, the fact that it’s hidden from street view is something that burglars use to their advantage.

Patio doors are commonly of the sliding variety, which is often considered a weak barrier. What is the rationale behind this notion? To begin with, sliding doors usually have simple latches. Some vigorous jiggling is usually enough to compromise them. Second, they are usually mostly glass, so burglars get a better idea not only of their potential loot, but of what they’d be up against as well. Besides these, sliding doors can be easily damaged; the glass can be broken or the entire door can be pushed off the track.

Fortunately, we’ve reached a time when we’ve learned from the mistakes of the past and have created solutions to address them. For starters, the glass used is double-glazed and much thicker. PatioMaster has taken every sliding door weakness and remedied it to create doors that bring you peace of mind at all times, no matter if you’re retiring for the night or going away on a trip.

PatioMaster doors all meet the Secured by Design standards that aim to eliminate opportunities for crime. They also boast additional door security features such as the following:

» Interlock bolts – These anchors the sliding panel into the fixed one, ensuring that they cannot be forced apart.
» Security head rail – With a full-width rail running across the top of the sliding panel, the door cannot be lifted from the track like what many burglars count on when the locks won’t budge.
» Security keep rail – This full-height keep rail is designed to strengthen and support the sliding sash at each corner.
» PAS24 handle – This highly secure hardware has a thicker and stronger back-plate and has been tested to withstand a sustained manual attack.
» Anti-bump cylinder – This Euro profile anti-bump cylinder prevents disabling of the locking mechanism.

With such sophisticated door security features, PatioMaster doors will frustrate the attempts of unsavoury characters to gain entry into homes.