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ul. Lęborska 31
77-100 Bytów

Telephone: 059 8229101
Email: drutex@drutex.com.pl
Fax: 059 8229103


Drutex is the leading producer of window and door woodwork in Europe. In the area of more than 95,000 sq m the company manufactures up to 7000 windows a day.The company started its operations in 1985 and nowadays sells its woodwork in most European countries, the USA, Mexico, Australia and the Near East. Drutex is strengthening its dominant position in the industry each year, which is expressed by its completed projects, such as equipping the New York Hilton Hotel with almost 1000 windows, or the biggest bricks factory in Mexico and a Mexican gold mine. Export already constitutes more than 70% of sales volume. Apart from PVC products, Drutex offer includes aluminum and wooden windows and doors, wooden and aluminum systems as well as roller shutters, facades and fire doors. What is more, unlike most producers in the industry, Drutex, for more than 20 years, has been manufacturing composite glass for its own windows. It is one of very few companies to own a PVC dry blend mixer as well as cutting-edge machines and equipment for the production of PVC profiles. We have research laboratories that ensure the highest quality of the anufactured woodwork and that guarantee supervision and control at each production stage. Drutex is a modern company that, in its production process, applies technological solutions appreciated by Clients all over the world, which is confirmed by numerous awards and distinctions given by Clients and by independent expert groups. The most important ones are: Plus X Award, Superbrands, Client’s Golden Laurel, the Leader of Polish Business, the Forbes’ Diamond, the EU Standard, the Ambassador of Polish Business, the Construction Company of the Year, the Good Company, the Green Brand, the Top Builder. Drutex also has numerous certificates, attestations and technical approvals issued by independent research institutions. Speed of order realization, as well as the superior quality of our products are our key strengths. Perfect organization and flexibility combined with our own modern transport fleet that consists of more than 250 vehicles, guarantee 7-day production terms including delivery all over Europe! We believe that over 30-year experience and the perfect quality of our woodwork will convince you to trust us.