Kolbe Windows and Doors presenting taller units for Ultra Series Crank-Out Casement standard sizes


Ultra series Crank-OutXL Casement

photo Kolbe Windows and Doors

Ultra series Crank-OutXL Casement

Ultra series Push - Out EP Casement

photoKolbe Windows and Doors

Ultra series Push - Out EP Casement

Because of bigger sizes and more glass needs , Kolbe Company Ltd ,offering an additional box size heights of 6' 6" and 7' 0". This means that taller units will no longer be a custom order. These additional heights have been incorporated into elevation drawings in the Architect Library.

Plus, they've added extra large (XL) units to our standard Ultra Series Crank-Out Casements. XL Casements have 3-1/4" basic jambs with no extensions. 

They have 2-1/4" thick sash with multi-point locks, and are available with the same glass and extruded accessory options as other Ultra Series products. They are even available with retractable screens. 

The maximum size of XL casements is 42" x 96" – a size that meets Impact Certification for Zone 4, and a Design Pressure rating of 65

To satisfy the need to meet ever stricter energy efficiency standards, they've made Ultra Series Push-Out Casements and Awnings available as enhanced performance (EP) units. 

The basic jambs are 3-1/4" and sash are 2-1/4" thick. These units will have 1-3/8" thick triple insulating glass for superior thermal performance. They are available with a variety of LoE coatings that perform even in the harshest climates.

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