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Left or right opening side


Left or right opening side

FAKRO – second largest company on the global roof window market has introduced to its off er innovative access roof light FWP. The new window structure allows the sash to be opened to the right or left, and decision should be made before the installation process. 

Safe and quick access to the roof will appreciate homeowners who need to get to the roof in order to carry out chimney work or just to have access to the antenna or gutters. The new FWP access roof lights do not only provide access to the roof – they are also fully functional roof windows.

» Opening to the left or right 

The FWP access roof light is a solution combining illumination of the room (while keeping excellent thermal insulation performance) with safe and easy access to the roof.

It features a top hung design with the sash opened through 90° to the right side (when viewed from the inside). Its structure makes possible to change the opening side from right to left with a decision made not at the purchase stage, but during the installation process.

The access roof light is fi tted using standard flashings for roof windows which enable their combination with roof windows. They are off ered in 7 sizes as standard: 66x98, 66x118, 78x98, 78x118, 94x118, 94x98 and 66x78cm.

» Energy-efficiency

The access roof light comes with insulated U3 glazing unit as standard which off ers protection against overheating in summer and heat loss in winter.

In addition, the same glazing unit as available in standard roof windows can be applied (P2 and P5 anti-burglary, U5 highly energy-effi cient). This allows to install FWP access roof lights in rooms where safety and energy-effi ciency are top priority.

» Functionality

The access roof light is opened by means of handle placed ergonomically in the middle of the sash. The handle features two-stop micro-opening, ensuring inflow of fresh air into the room.

In addition, the FWP access roof light is equipped with a gas piston positioned in its upper part to support opening and closing the sash, reducing the risk of accidental closure e.g. caused by heavy wind.

» Additional interior design

Standard internal accessories similar to those available for roof windows can be used. External accessories are available on request.

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