SmartWindow by Drutex


Drutex has launched a new interactive window which displays various types of media content. The new smart window allows you to watch TV or browse the Internet.

SmartWindow by Drutex is one of the most significant developments in the company’s history as window is no longer perceived as a construction material but has become a working tool and a personal assistant.

The innovative multimedia product features an interactive window and a control unit which is used to control the device and interact with users via a number of interfaces. Its LCD matrix is enclosed in a glass pane, protecting the display from external factors. The window features a low-power ARM processor and interfaces for wireless communications based on the latest standards such as WIFI (802.11n), Bluetooth (4.1) and Bluetooth Low Energy.

Drutex has created a window which incorporates the functions of a TV, a tablet and a working tool. A pendrive or a portable drive with various media content can be connected to the window, allowing you to watch YouTube clips or photo galleries. The new window has also virtual sun protection blinds or awnings which help you dim the light in the room for more comfort.

The new window is available in all Drutex's systems (PVC, aluminium, wooden and wooden-aluminium). All features and specifications of products are not affected. Windows from Drutex continue to offer energy-efficient properties, safety functions and modern design. The additional functionality adds a competitive advantage to the new product.

SmartWindow video

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